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Abundant Acres with Sonia Gomez

Abundant Acres Podcast will feature projects that transform people, the planet, and the future of humanity while highlighting the areas that matter most; your Health, Building Wealth and Leaving Legacy for future generations.

“Together we can BE more DO More and Have more than we ever thought possible.”

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Hey, I'm Sonia!

I have focused my career in marketing and communication building an audience of over 1 million, reaching 300 million people worldwide in the alternative health space.

Through my Podcast, LIVE events, and online-training, I am proud to have built a digital community that has reached millions where I get to help people just like you build the life and legacy you have always dreamed of.

But it didn’t start off like this, life felt pretty hopeless for me after nearly killing myself in a surfing accident at the end of highschool.

After years of failed attempts by the medical system, I discovered the power of fully alive foods and plant medicines which allowed me to completely heal from my neurological syndrome, eliminating chronic pain, fatigue, and restoring my body back to health.

It was then that I dedicated myself to helping others discover the truth about their bodies and our incredible ability to heal mentally, physically and emotionally and spiritually.

And it all starts with food. Today, my team and I are in service to help families, farmers, entrepreneurs and developers build equity in their land, create chemical free, sovereign food systems, build multiple streams of income on their land and a plan for legacy and freedom for generations to come.

For us, ABUNDANCE is living healthy, happy and free.

That’s why we invest in and highlight projects that are good for people and the planet.

Together, we are changing the world one design, one family, one legacy at a time.
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